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Fast and Easy Tips for Sky Valley Miso Glaze

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    1) Grill wild salmon and drizzle in an ā€œ sā€ pattern like the fancy restaurants for a gourmet experience in your own dining room

    2) Combine Sky Valley Miso Glaze with a pinch of sugar and brown rice vinegar for an out of this world dip for tempura or steamed veggies

    3) Turn brown rice into an exotic experience by topping with Sky Valley Miso Glaze and black sesame seeds

    4) Drizzle on a burger with shredded cabbage or kimchee for an Asian inspired experience

    5) Make your own California style pizza by using Sky Valley Miso Glaze instead of the tomato sauce; top with bean sprouts when it comes out

    6) Use as an easy-breezy topping for stirfried vegetables or protein

    7) Add a little sweetened rice vinegar and use on salted cabbage for a fabulous condiment

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